Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Reddish-Black Ship

Dialogue today with hilarious Japanese colleague:

Luke: I don't have anything to do during the day...
Sensei: You should go visit other teachers
L: Are you sure? It seems like people are kind of busy and besides, I disrupt every class or activity I get near.
S: I told you, nobody is actually busy here, they are all just stupid Japanese who have to pretend. Anyways, the teachers really want to talk to you but they are too scared and nervous and they don't know how to start.
L: Oh yeah? What should I do then?
S: You just have to walk over and force your way in like you are Perry and the Black Ships!
L: (Laughs) So I should maybe come in and demand they open their class to me? Then come back the next day to make them sign a formal agreement?
S: そうそうそう! (yeah yeah yeah!) But instead of warships and guns you will use your height and blue eyes.

Info on the Black Ships:

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